July 8th KCARC Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting Minutes for Knox County Amateur Radio Club
July 8th, 2020 (On the Air!)

Mike Cooper – President – K9RMC Patrick Poulson – KD9CQX
Bruce Hagge – Vice President – N9YVI Robert Johnson – Secretary – KC9YTT
Rick Lotz – Treasurer – AC9AH

Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by President Mike Cooper.

Meeting on the air, and Hamshack Hotline – W9GFD Conference #370 Passcode 1946

As everyone that was on the repeater, was also on Hamshack Hotline we moved the meeting to Hamshack Hotline.

Secretary’s Report:

Secretary’s Report was posted on the W9GFD.Com website and read to the membership.

No changes were noted and motion to approve by AC9AH, 2nd by N9YVI.

Report approved by the membership.

Treasurer’s Report:

Club account total $1,818.92 – $1,703.34 in the account, and $115.58 in petty cash.

Membership dues will be coming up soon, and Rick will be sending out email reminders to members on their payment options.

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report made by KC9YTT and 2nd by KB9CQX.

Report approved by the membership.

Old Business:

Field Day:

June 27th & 28th @ The shelter at Lake Story on route 150 next to the boat ramp

158 Contacts with 700 to 800 points for scoring.

Patrick KD9CQX made about 99% of the contacts! Good job Patrick in working those pileups!!

Next year we will need to have more members participate, sign up to take turns or do “shifts” for a couple of hours per member to be able to make this happen.

Ideas for other events:

Carl Sandburg Special Event Station.

Illinois QSO Party

VE Testing Sessions:

Date is July 18th – We have all of the materials to do the testing session.

The VFW is not available, so we will be having the testing session at the Bridgeway Vocational building at 639 Hawthorne Court in Galesburg, IL.

Everyone will need to practice social distancing and wear masks to meet all of the COVID-19 guidelines.

We have Robert Johnson, Rick Lotz, Bruce Zorne, Kevin Gray, and Bruce Hagge as VEC Test Administrators.

We will be sending notifications on social media platforms to the surrounding areas about the testing session, and make the announcements on the weekly nets.

New Business:

Video Conferencing for meetings, Jitzi & Zoom are some options for us.

ARRL Club insurance due Sept 1st @ $200. KC9YTT made a motion to approve for payment, 2nd by N9YVI.

Approved by the membership to pay the ARRL insurance before Sept 1st.

The 147.210 machine will have our call sign on it soon.


Motion was made to adjourn the meeting by KD9CQX and 2nd by N9YVI

Adjournment carried by the membership.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Next Meetings:

August 12th @ 7:30pm – On the air .700 machine in Galesburg & HamShack Hotline #370 Passcode 1946