May 13

Meeting Minutes – April 8th 2020

 Regular Meeting Minutes for Knox County Amateur Radio Club

April 8th, 2020 (On the Air!)


Mike Cooper – President – K9RMC   Donavon Tinder – KB9KAX  Loren Zachmeyer – W9UKB

Bruce Hagge – Vice President – N9YVI   Robert Johnson – Secretary – KC9YTT

Rick Lotz – Treasurer – AC9AH

Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by President Mike Cooper.

Secretary’s Report:

Secretary’s Report was posted on the W9GFD.Com website and read to the membership.

No changes were noted and motion to approve by Hagge, 2nd by Lotz.

Report approved by the membership.

Treasurer’s Report:

$60.77 was given to Robert Johnson for reimbursement of the purchase of parts to repair the Kewanee repeater site.

$176.04 check sent to Bridgeway for the cost of shipping the two old repeaters back to Yaesu for the DR-2X upgrade program, and for the printing of the Hamfest flyers and tickets.

$75.00 in receipts for Hamfest ticket sales.

Club account total $1798.92 – $1683.34 in the account, and $115.58 in petty cash.

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report made by Hagge and 2nd by Tinder.

Report approved by the membership.

Old Business:

Sunday Night Nets:

All nets going well, with many participants, and some new hams checking in.

Galva repeater have an intermittent problem with the signal cutting out.  Will need to go and check out the issue once the Shelter-In-Place order has been lifted.  Remove the battery tender and check out antenna and connections.


Unfortunately, we had to cancel do to the Shelter-In-Place order by the Governor due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

No one has asked for any refunds; they are either going to just donate that to the club or hang onto their tickets for use when we are able to have a Hamfest.

Donors of the give a ways are okay with us hanging onto the prizes and use them on either the Hamfest when we have it or as give a ways for say new members for the club or other club incentives.  All they ask is that we do some kind of recognition and send them pictures for use as promotional items for their products.

VE Testing Sessions:

Have been looking at options for remote testing that would be allowed under the current restrictions.

If restrictions would be lifted before we could have a Hamfest, we want to do a testing session.

Field Day:

ARRL Field Day 2020 registration form is now online – Mike will try to get to that this week.

With the current Shelter-In-Place order, it is unknown at this time if the City would let us use their facilities.

We can do this anywhere outside as long as we practice social distancing.

Internet access at St. Mary’s:

We have been looking at other options to connect to the Internet.  Brent Zohrne is only 3000’ away from the St. Mary’s repeater site location, and he has stated that he is willing to do this for the club.

New Business:

Video Conferencing for meetings?

Jitzi is one of the free options.

Ham Shack Hotline is another option, Mike has CISCO IP phones available if anyone is interested in doing that.



KC9YTT – Wanted for everyone to think about doing a weekly roundtable on the air in addition to our weekly nets, breakfast and meeting.  Other clubs have them on another night to discuss the latest things ham radio or of technical interest.

AC9AH – Not opposed to Hamshack Hotline, and other radio related forms of communication for our meetings.

K9RMC – Anyone interested in trying out one of the phones for Hamshack Hot Line or Jitzi just contact Mike.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Next Meetings:

May 13th @ 7:30pm – On the air .700 machine in Galesburg.