• Location: Knox County, Galesburg, IL.
  • Meeting time: 7:30pm (CST) Every 2nd Wednesday of the month @
    Galesburg IL Hardee’s Meeting room on Main Street.
  • Station Location: Wataga, IL behind the home of Bruce Hagge – N9YVI.
  • 2m Repeater :147.00 -600 Atop St. Mary’s Hospital (PL:103.5 ) System Fusion Auto\Fixed                   Net on Sunday’s at 7PM local time.
  • 73cm Repeater:444.450 +5 Atop St. Mary’s Hospital (PL:103.5) System Fusion Auto\Auto

Other Repeaters in area:

  • Knox Co. Civil Repeater:147.210 +600 (PL: 107.3) Located at the Hawthorne Center (NCS). Used for weather spotting. Open to everyone during non emergencies.